Mom Finds Discreet Spot To Breastfeed Baby, Then Security Guard Tells Her To Stop

by Jess Catcher
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As every mom knows, a hungry, fussy baby is never any fun to deal with, especially when out in a crowded area.

Ashley Cooper made a trip to the mall with her husband and two little girls so their daughters could get a photo with the Easter bunny. The Virginia family didn’t expect any drama during the simple trip. When their youngest started crying in line because she was hungry, Ashley quickly found a discreet corner to nurse the toddler.

The mall has one “nursing room” for mothers who want more privacy, but it was already occupied. Knowing her state passed a law that permits mothers to breastfeed in any area in which they’re legally allowed, Ashley was sure it would be fine to simply sit on a bench to feed her daughter.

Unfortunately, one of the mall’s security guards was apparently unaware of the law, telling Ashley she would have to stop.

But this mama wasn’t backing down — instead, she started a live video on her Facebook explaining the bizarre situation. It has since been watched over 100,000 times.

It would be ridiculous under any circumstance, but the fact that Ashley wasn’t even revealing the slightest bit of skin while providing nutrition for her daughter made the whole thing even more absurd.

The mall eventually apologized to Ashley, who hopes she can help other mothers in Virginia know their rights by sharing her video.

Take a look at the clip to hear more from her about the whole frustrating situation, and be sure to SHARE her story with your family and friends!

Footage provided by WTVR

Thumbnail Sources: Wikimedia Commons / John Phelan, Facebook / Ashley Cooper

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