Mall Bans Anyone Younger Than 16 From Shopping Without An Adult And Some People Are Thrilled

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When I was a teenager, there was nothing cooler and more freeing than going to the mall. In fact, a trip to the mall with your friends — no parents in sight — was one of the first signs of growing up in my day. But at one mall in Florida, some teens are now banned from visiting on their own.

According to WPTV West Palm Beach, management at the Indian River Mall recently enacted a new code of conduct that bans anyone under the age of 16 from going to the mall without adult supervision. The new rule is posted on the mall entrances, and employees told WPTV that they learned about the new policy at the beginning of February 2018.

The mall’s owner, Mike Kohan, told WPTV that rowdy teens have plagued the mall recently, resulting in “several issues involving unaccompanied teenagers which disrupted business operations.” The new ban is an attempt to combat that.

One mall employee, Peyton Snarey, told WPTV, “[Some teens] just steal things, and sometimes it gets out of control — taking things off the walls and throwing them on the ground, not listening to us when we’re like, ‘OK, you have to stop doing that…'”

Although the new rule might keep things a bit calmer at the mall, some worry it will drive the mall out of business. What do you think? Should teens be trusted to visit the mall without an adult?

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Photos: Flickr / Alpha; WPTV West Palm Beach

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