Makeup Artist Creates Gorgeous Looks Inspired By Famous Art

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

I love to see people who take something ordinary, and elevate it to an art form.

Creativity in all of its forms is beautiful, but there’s something special about seeing the effort some folks go to in creating extraordinary effects.

That kind of originality can crop up in all sorts of places, but it’s particularly evident in the magical world of beauty and makeup.

It’s everywhere now, from the hairstylist creating multicolored artworks for her clients’ heads, and to the many makeup gurus conquering the internet with elaborate face-painting techniques.

That social-media-heavy lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but for talented makeup artists with a message, there’s no better way to show off your portfolio!

The latest example is Oakland-based artist Lexie Lazear. She’s been working in makeup for 20 years, but is drawing fresh attention with a recent series posted to Instagram.

Inspired by famous works of art, she’s creating spectacular, colorful makeup looks that pick up shapes and hues from famous artists like Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso.

Check out some of her most spectacular designs below!

Lexie Lazear first got the idea to start her series looking at the Vincent van Gogh painting Starry Night Over the Rhone.

The painting, which is full of moody blues and yellow-greens like van Gogh’s similar painting The Starry Night, inspired Lazear to try to recreate the rippling effect of light bouncing off of the water.

The result was a luminous, moonlit makeup look that perfectly captures the essence of the energetic masterpiece.

This next look is a floral Impressionist dream.

This style, inspired by Renoir’s Two Sisters (On The Terrace), takes the rich blues and reds of the painting and translates them into a decadent design.

We particularly love the water effect under her eyes, and the detailed flowers that trace the edge of her lips.

For her next composition, she sticks with the theme of French artists, with a display inspired by Paul Cézanne and his painting Mont Sainte-Victoire with Large Pine.

For this look, she turns the arches of her eyebrows into tree branches, and stipples her lips with green and yellow slashes of greenery.

She also adds green blush, for an added elfin touch.

We love this dramatic look that’s inspired by one of the most famous artists of them all: Pablo Picasso!

Based on The Weeping Woman, she draws on a pair of asymmetrical brows and a single coiling tear that fit in perfectly with the Cubist masterpiece.

She also leans into the wild color scheme, using vivid yellows, orange, purples, and blues to create her look.

For a glitzy, golden look, Lazear turned to Gustav Klimt’s Golden Period for inspiration.

His painting The Kiss, known for dramatic use of gold leaf and jewel-like squares, becomes a pretty, patterned design rendered in makeup.

She picks up his delicate florals on her lips and around one eye, while the other eye is dedicated to frame-like squares.

Instagram/Lexie Lazear

Though Lazear gets lots of inspiration from artists of the past, she also creates plenty of masterpieces in her own right.

This vibrant look features a bright rainbow of warm colors in sunset hues.

To add to the overall effect, she creates a cascade of little flowers past her eye and down her cheek.

Instagram/Lexie Lazear

For this design, the artist creates patterns in pink, yellow, and orange.

The circular motifs and the colors combine to suggest a bowl of tropical fruit.

In fact, Lazear even captured this one with a string of fruit “emojis,” making an adorable case for this sweet look.

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