How To Make Melted Crayon Butterfly Art

by Todd Briscoe
Todd is a LittleThings editor. He grew up in Texas and has lived in New York since 2003. He doesn't own a Boston terrier, but he will one day soon.

Let me tell you how I found this project.

A few weeks ago I was watching my sister’s overly-active kids, and I had plans to take them out to the park (to hopefully tire them out a bit), and then maybe we’d swing by the Natural History Museum where they have a butterfly exhibit.

It was the perfect plan, until the heavens opened up and I saw that’d we were due for some torrential downpours for the next few hours.

I found myself with two kids who had plenty of energy and an extreme disappointment, they weren’t going to get to stand in a room full of butterflies. I got online and searched for a fun way to make our own butterflies. This one was the obvious winner. It was easy, fun, and I could use things that I had laying around the house.


Who doesn’t love a good DIY project?

All you need is parchment paper, paper, crayons, an iron, washi tape, and something to get crayon shavings. We tried a few methods in my house. The crayon sharpener took too long. Cutting them with a knife was too clunky. But using a pencil sharpener? That was the key right there.

If you’d like to make a butterfly like Paige does in the video below, just print the template here.

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