Nudists Hit Back When Mailwoman Refuses To Enter Their Neighborhood: She ‘Needs To Do Her Job’

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Residents of a community in Hudson, Florida, are livid because a mail carrier refuses to deliver to their neighborhood.

Why? According to WFTX Fort Myers, it’s because they’re nudists.

Eden RV Resort is home to the nudists, who claim that the mail carrier doesn’t want to enter their neighborhood because their lack of attire makes her uncomfortable. Residents like Leonard Rusin say that it’s still their right to get their mail.

“There’s a postal creed and it doesn’t say anything about them not coming to nudist resorts. I pay for a service, I expect that service,” he said.

They insist that this woman just needs to do her job.

According to Leonard and others, this has been going on for several months. During this time, many of them have missed several important pieces of mail. They even reached out to the postal worker’s supervisor saying that they haven’t had issues with other carriers like FedEx or UPS — just that one USPS worker. Not even their usual mailman has filed a complaint about delivering mail to the nudists.

The post office has responded, stating that their employees are not obligated to enter a neighborhood or area if they feel uncomfortable delivering mail there.

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Footage and photos provided by WFTX Fort Myers

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