Mail Carrier Dumps Hundreds Of Letters On The Side Of The Road And Quits

by Amy Paige
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A Facebook user shared a now-viral photo after stumbling upon boxes of undelivered mail dumped on the side of the road in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

The picture, which was shared thousands of times, was captioned: “If you[‘re] looking for your mail it maybe on river road by 36st station…”

The unnamed US Postal Service employee abandoned the dozens of bins, full of letters and packages, on the roadside!

The mail was dated August 8, 2018, and marked out for delivery from a post office in Philadelphia.

Authorities learned the carrier had resigned from the postal service on September 8, 2018. The bizarre situation has resulted in lots of quips and jokes, but others aren’t laughing.

“Lol to the people who make a joke out of this,” one Facebook commenter writes. “People’s information out there. Could be a letter for someone who got approved for a organ transplant.”

“It’s really disgusting how this person could leave the mail on the side of the road,” another says. “Someone is out here looking for important mail. I hope none of my mail was in that batch, he should have some repercussion behind this.”

However, the postal service announced it wouldn’t be taking any further action against the former employee since he or she quit.

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