Mail Carrier Leaves 101 Balloons In Woman’s Yard To Cheer Her Up After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

by Jess Butler
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Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how important the smallest tokens of support can be.

Luckily, one selfless mail carrier named Michele Slack always knew when to step in and help others.

She knows pretty much all the neighbors along her route since she visits their homes each day to deliver the mail. One day, she heard about the misfortunate of one woman named Laura Stegenga. Laura had just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and had already begun her fight.

Michele knows that feeling all too well. She’s a breast cancer survivor herself.

“She just said she felt hopeless,” Michele explains in the video below, posted on September 14, 2017.

“It just sort of ate at me, because hope and positive thinking in my belief has a lot to do with healing and overcoming a serious illness.”

The dedicated mail carrier decided to do something special for Laura so she wouldn’t give up hope. She rounded up support from other neighbors on her route and left 101 red heart balloons in Laura’s yard while she was receiving chemo treatments and her daughters were at school.

The hearts boasted the names of neighbors who want to see Laura keep a smile on her face and offer their support. Although she didn’t know some of the neighbors, she seemed beyond grateful for the kind gesture.

In all, Laura received around $2,000 in donations from her neighbors and complete strangers!

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