Photographer Uses A Macro Lens To Create Tiny Fairy Tale Worlds

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Being human, it’s easy to ignore things that aren’t, well, human-sized. We pass by millions of tiny but amazing things every day, but hardly ever stop to look.

Luckily, someone is here to remind you to look closer, at least vicariously.

That would be Polish photographer Magda Wasiczek, who uses a macro lens and a bit of patience to capture the tiny, unseen worlds that exist all around us, but that we never see.

Slowing down and peeking closer not only shows us the incredible things we’ve been missing, but can also help us see our own world in a new way.

What we take for granted as mundane suddenly becomes something new and amazing if we look at it the right way, like how wood shards and resin become alien landscapes in these cleverly made rings.

Wasiczek snaps her photos in meadows, in her garden, and wherever inspiration strikes. “I have no planned shots,” she says. “I let nature surprise me.”

Check out some of her photos below, and see what you might be missing!

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Thumbnail Credit: Facebook

Magda Wasiczek is a photographer from Trzebinia, Poland, who uses her photography skills as a way to show people the beauty of nature in its tiniest forms.

Her subjects include flowers and butterflies, but also more mundane items like grass, twigs, and other, less showy insects.

By zooming in (literally) on just a tiny slice of the world, her photos turn everyday moments into dramatic scenes and stories.

“I want to show the world of plants [and] insects in such a way that would impress an average person who has paid no attention to the world at his feet, or even hated those ‘nasty bugs,'” Wasiczek explains.

But it’s not just bugs; she also photographs other tiny things like these dew droplets on grass.

Magda shoots her photos in nature, and never goes out with a plan about what to shoot.

After all, there’s always something new to discover if you know how to look!

She waits until the moment feels right, and then snaps her photo.

Through her photos, she wants to show people that a magical, fairy tale world really does exist — it’s just a bit smaller than they might realize!

She says of her audience, “I hope that [when] looking at my pictures, a child inside of them wakes up.”

“The world in the eyes of a child is always more colorful, fascinating, mysterious, and full of surprises.”

Before taking up photography, Wasiczek created art by drawing and painting, but soon found that photography allowed her to capture her visions in a different way.

She experimented with different lenses to get different effects, like this swirling shot of a butterfly…

…or this crisp shot of a frost-dusted flower.

You can see more of Wasiczek’s work on her website, as well as on Facebook, where there’s always a tiny new scene to check out.

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