Madonna Fires Back After Strangers Call Daughter ‘Disgusting’ For Flaunting Armpit Hair In Photo

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

While some celebrities shy away from the limelight and avoid posting too much about their personal lives on social media, others love to share with their fans.

Moms like Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Simpson, and Kim Kardashian often get flak for sharing photos of their children, in particular. Certain people seem to believe that the act of posting a personal photo on a public platform means that it’s “fair game” and open to criticism.

Chrissy, for instance, was mommy-shamed earlier this month for taking her daughter down a slide. Jessica is almost constantly the target of shamers, especially when it comes to her young daughter experimenting with hair dye and makeup.

Recently, another celebrity mom found herself (and her daughter) the subject of disapproving remarks and insults. Madonna’s daughter doesn’t shave under her arms, and people are freaking out about it.

Scroll through to read about the controversy and how Madonna responded to it.

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There’s no doubt that Madonna is one of the most recognizable singers in the world.

With a career spanning decades, Madge was known for pushing the envelope with her music and fashion when she first emerged as an artist back in the 1980s.

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To this day, the “Like a Virgin” singer is known for doing her own thing, in spite of haters — and it seems like her daughter has inherited that sensibility!

Madonna’s oldest daughter is Lourdes Leon.

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The 21-year-old was born to Madonna and her then-boyfriend, Carlos Leon.

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Lourdes and her mom clearly share a close relationship, based upon how often she appears in Madonna’s Instagram and Twitter posts.

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The young woman, who goes by the nickname Lola, also appears to be close to her siblings, including her younger brother Rocco Ritchie and her adopted brother and sisters, David Banda, Mercy James, Estere, and Stelle.

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Lourdes is also known for her work in the modeling industry. In 2016, she was one of the faces of a campaign for a Stella McCartney fragrance.

Ahead of the new year, Madonna shared a sweet photo of herself and Lourdes.

Unfortunately, all some commenters could focus on was one particular aspect of Lourdes’ appearance.

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In a photo shared on December 31, 2017, Madonna posed with Lourdes. In the picture, the 21-year-old’s arms are up and around her mom, making it clearly visible that her armpits are natural, completely unshaven.

“We are ready for you 2018!” the singer captioned the photo.

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Strangers were instantly scandalized by the image, which was also shared on Twitter. All across social media, critics questioned Lourdes’ decision not to shave and to show off her armpits in a photo.

Some went even further, calling Lourdes a number of uncalled-for names.

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“Lola you so gross,” one wrote.

“Not a good look like that! Is she a man, disguised as a woman?” another tweeted.

“Is it possible to un-see a picture?” a Twitter user asked.

Thankfully, many people also jumped in to defend Madonna and Lourdes, pointing out that it’s not a sign of bad hygiene to let your armpit hair grow.

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It isn’t surprising that Madonna would share a photo of Lourdes baring her unshaven arms without a second thought.

The singer shared a photo of herself doing the same thing back in March 2014.

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While the singer didn’t respond directly to comments, she did share a pointed message directed to haters on Instagram and Twitter just a few days later.

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“Oh wait! What was my New Years Resolution? Oh yeah. To give many less f**ks about what people think! #thinkforyourself #dontbeasheep #thecheesestandsalone,” Madonna captioned a photo of herself.

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One thing is for sure: Neither Madonna nor her daughter are willing to let themselves be held to others’ expectations!

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