Mom Delivers Baby Girl Who Looks Like A ‘Bodybuilder’ From The Waist Up Because Of Rare Disorder

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. She loves viral videos, her poodle mix Cali, and doing the robot.

When Joni Gatlin went in for her ultrasound at 15 weeks pregnant, doctors noticed some unusual fluid in the scan. But nothing would prepare Joni for the extent of the strange condition.

When baby Madison was born in Crestview, Florida she looked completely different than what Joni had expected. From her waist up, Madison appeared extremely muscular for a newborn baby girl.

After months of tests, doctors finally diagnosed Madison with a progressive overgrowth disorder. She was born with CLOVES syndrome, a very rare condition caused by a gene mutation that resulted in the buildup of lymphatic fluid beneath her arms and chest.

At 18 months old, the mass in Madison’s right arm weighed about five pounds. It will only continue to grow based on her height and weight.

Doctors weren’t sure if Madison would survive, but this incredible little girl has defied all odds stacked against her. However, her disorder doesn’t come without its judgements from outsiders. One day, a complete stranger saw Madison and told Gatlin she “should have aborted her.” Who on earth would say something like this?!

Watch the video below to see how Gatlin and her family treat Madison in the midst of social stigma — and what Madison looks like today.

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