Mom Lets Family Dog Take Over Cheerleader’s Bedroom When She’s Away At College For A Month

by Jess Butler
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Maddie had just left for college to start a new chapter of her life.

She was living away from home, leaving her old bedroom at her parents’ house behind for a little while.

She was barely a month into school when her mom sent her an unusual text message.

Apparently, while Maddie was away from home, her mom took the initiative to completely rearrange her room. But this wasn’t just any room transformation.

Her mom sent a text message with a photo of Maddie’s old bedroom, which had become her dog’s new room.

Within that short amount of time, Maddie’s mom had changed the layout and had given her bedroom to their small dog, Nina.

Maddie just had to share the moment with the world.

How would you have reacted if you received this message about your own bedroom?

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Thumbnail Photo: Twitter / MaddieMini4 // Twitter / MaddieMini4

Maddie in her bedroom.

This is Maddie. She had just gone away to college as a freshman.

Maddie in bedroom.

While she was away at school one day, she received a text message from her mom that made her question her mom’s choices.

Dog in bedroom.

Her mom texted her, letting her know that her bedroom had been rearranged and someone else had taken over her space.

Dog sitting on the bed.

In fact, the family’s little white dog, Nina, had claimed the bedroom as her new sanctuary.

Dog likes this bedroom.

Maddie looked and saw that her dog, Nina, had made the bedroom hers. Maddie was barely gone for a month, but she was already being replaced.

Maddie shares bedroom photo of dog.

When Maddie realized what was going on, she just had to share the hilarious moment on social media. The responses were overwhelming!

The bedroom tweet.

She made a post on Twitter and received over 19,000 likes in just two days! Clearly, this bedroom story was a big deal online.

Dog sitting in the bedroom.

So what do you think about Nina taking over Maddie’s room?

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