‘Mad About You’ Is Officially Back And Now Helen Hunt And Paul Reiser Are Playing Empty Nesters

by Angela Andaloro

It’s been 20 years since we said goodbye to Paul and Jamie Buchman. In a new Mad About You reboot, we get to pick up on the New York City couple’s hilarious antics.

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are back and happy to be reprising their roles. Abby Quinn will play their daughter, Mabel. As she heads off to college, the reboot will find Paul and Jamie as empty nesters.

“We agreed for 20 solid years that it was a terrible idea, we must never do it,” Helen explained when asked about their decision to return. “Then, I don’t know, Will & Grace was good, and we realized that our [characters’] daughter — who was born the last year of the original show — would be leaving home, and so suddenly [an] empty nest seemed like [something] we could write about.”

“Plus, if we waited any longer we would be dead,” Paul joked.

“It would be a really slow reboot,” Helen added with a laugh.

Helen returned to the set of the series just a week after being in a scary car accident. The vehicle she was riding in rolled over, sending her to the hospital. Thankfully, she’s OK.

“It was scary,” Helen said of the accident. “I’m grateful to be here with my friend.”

“Me too!” Paul chimed in.

Mad About You premieres November 20, exclusively on Spectrum Originals.

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