Man Wonders Why Dog Won’t Stop Barking, Then Sees His Neighbor Collapsed Outside

by Jess Butler
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An ordinary day for Marcia Allen turned south quickly when she collapsed onto the ground in her backyard, leaving her helpless and confused.

She couldn’t muster the strength or control to lift herself back up and she couldn’t call for help. Little did she know, a certain black Lab would save her life.

“I had a stroke,” Marcia explains in the video below, posted on February 2, 2017. “I wasn’t speaking right, the left side of my face was drooped.”

As poor Marcia lay helplessly in her backyard, her next-door neighbor’s dog, Mack, exited his home for a quick potty break. Once Mack saw Marcia’s condition, the black Lab sensed something was wrong.

The usually calm and quiet dog began barking relentlessly.

“It was kind of like a frantic bark because he knew something was wrong, so he had that, like, sixth sense that something wasn’t right,” Marcia says, recalling the scary situation.

When Mack just wouldn’t quit barking, his owner, Dave Scott, started to question, “Well, what’s he barking at? Because that’s not normal.”

It wasn’t until Dave stepped outside to check on his pooch that he spotted Marcia in trouble. He quickly called emergency responders, who treated Marcia and brought her back to a healthy state.

If Mack hadn’t made such a fuss outside, who knows what would have happened.

“I will say that he saved my life,” Marcia says. “It’s just amazing, what he did because I could have been laying out their for a very long time.”

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