Woman Posts Photo Of Coworker’s Horrifying Mac And Cheese And Everyone Is Outraged

by Mauricio Castillo
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One of the most iconic dishes known to humanity is macaroni and cheese. Kids grow up eating it, and the majority of peoples’ love for it only grows as they get older.

And though anyone can put their own spin on it, most people will agree that macaroni and cheese is as sacred as pizza or a good old burger.

So it’s no surprise a photo of macaroni and cheese went viral, but not for the reason you might expect!

Twitter user coolstoryjanis recently posted a few photos online of a potluck she and her coworkers held at her job.

But one of those photos put the internet in an uproar!

The photo depicted a bowl of macaroni and cheese — or rather, something oddly resembling mac and cheese.

“Look at the macaroni & cheese my coworker brought to our potluck today. Bruh,” coolstoryjanis said in her caption.

“Bruh,” indeed.

As you’ll see in the photos below, the dish her coworker brought seemed to be missing the true, delicious essence of macaroni and cheese.

And thousands of users did not hold back in sharing their thoughts!

Scroll down to see the mac and cheese in question!

Thumbnail Photo: Twitter/coolstoryjanis

Twitter user coolstoryjanis attended a potluck at her job, but she came face-to-face with a dish there that made the internet go crazy!

She brought some delicious-looking lumpia to the potluck, but what her coworker brought had her absolutely appalled.

Her coworker brought macaroni and cheese… or rather, something resembling macaroni and cheese.

For me, macaroni and cheese is supposed to look like the photo above, or something similar to that.

Even slightly fancier versions of macaroni and cheese — like the one pictured above — are more recognizable.

I mean, even the mac and cheese we used to eat as kids brings back amazing memories!

Coolstoryjanis was so distressed at her coworker’s dish that she posted a photo of it on Twitter — and it quickly went viral.

According to her, the macaroni and cheese was an absolute travesty — and thousands of people agreed!

One user was so horrified that she considered calling the police!

Another commenter lamented the fact that he would probably never be able to unsee such a terrible-looking mac and cheese.

Others were just there to enjoy the hilarious show!

Many users felt personally disrespected by the dish, going so far as calling it “workplace harassment.”

One commenter even went so far as requesting the help of a certain spiritual figure in order to rid them all of the terrible dish!

But not all users were ready to completely condemn the dish. At the end of the day, mac and cheese is still mac and cheese!

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