Wife Is Sick of Tiny, Cluttered Laundry Room, So She Guts The Inside For Low-Cost Makeover

by Jess Butler
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Lynette Yoder is all about change and improvement. When she and her husband installed a new electric box in their home, she realized she would have to paint the new drywall that surrounded it.

Suddenly, her mind crept a few steps away — toward the laundry room.

Despite Lynette’s best efforts to keep things organized, the laundry room was tight and a bit cluttered. The space was just too small and had too many pieces of equipment inside. She decided to completely gut the inside, clean it, and give her laundry room the makeover it truly deserved.

In the video below, posted on July 31, 2017, the dedicated woman gets to work and removes clothes, a long curtain rod, and extra storage units from the laundry room.

Once the space is empty, she grabs a mop and cleans the walls to prep them for painting.

She chooses a crisp, clean white for the four walls, which acts as a base for the look she wants. Once that is complete, she brings in new pieces that will keep the room looking light and organized at all times.

Just wait until you see the finished product!

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