City Wants To Tear Down Couple’s $30,000 Luxury Treehouse So Wife Takes Case To Supreme Court

by Kat Manos
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It’s not every day that the Supreme Court decides the fate of a backyard treehouse! Yet, it’s possible that they might.

Nearly seven years ago, Lynn Tran and Richard Hazen spent nearly six months constructing a beautiful, luxury treehouse on their beachfront property in Holmes Beach, Florida.

The treehouse was built around a towering Australian pine tree. At 500 square feet, it has two levels filled with hammocks and peaceful sitting places, like the chicest Swiss Family Robinson house you’ve ever seen.

Around the time they started building the treehouse on Angelinos Sea Lodge — the rental property they own — they asked local authorities on Anna Maria Island if a permit was required. The city said no permit was needed, so they went ahead with the project.

However, upon completion, Lynn and Richard started receiving complaints, and the city took back their initial statement; the couple’s treehouse would in fact require a pricey permit.

Lynn and Richard refuse to pay for the permit and don’t believe they have done anything wrong. Every day they don’t take down the treehouse, however, they’re charged $50. So far, their fees have racked up thousands of dollars.

So now, the couple is bringing the case to the Supreme Court, which will decide if they’ll hear the case this week.

“It if doesn’t work out, we don’t even want to think about it yet. It’s hard to think about it, especially because we haven’t done anything wrong,” Lynn explained.

Talk about a complicated case! Do you think the city is wrong and Lynn and Richard should be able to keep their treehouse? Or do you think the couple should tear it down?

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Thumbnail Photo: CBS Local – KYW Philadelphia

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