Cat Keeps Bothering Sleeping Mom, Then She Realizes Kitty Is Warning Her House Is On Fire

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

If Emily Chappell-Root had gotten her way, Luna the cat might have never been a part of the family.

“I didn’t want a cat.

Jericho and the kids wanted a cat,” Emily said.

Indeed, they wanted a cat so much that the family of eight ended up adopting Luna the black cat. And if it weren’t for Luna, the family might not have been around to tell their story.

Emily explained that Luna was primarily an outdoor cat who had a habit of coming into the house while the family slept and playing with their feet in order to wake them.

She would then show them something she had brought in from the outside.

During an early morning while Emily slept, she figured that’s what Luna was doing when the cat came in and starting pawing at her feet. But the reason was very different.

“She was insistent, you’re getting up. I got up and walked out the bedroom door and got a few steps down the hallway and realized there were flames licking around the door frame into the kitchen,” Emily recalled.

Emily’s six kids were asleep in the living room for a slumber party. Her husband Jericho had no idea his house was on fire while he drove home from work.

The house went up in flames, but the family survived — and all thanks to Luna.

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