A Quail Egg From The Supermarket Is Quickly Adopted By An Intuitive Little Parakeet!

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Shopping for eggs typically only means food shopping for most people.

Eggs purchased by humans for consumption are unfertilized, meaning that they’ll just be eggs forever — no baby birds there.

But of course, there’s an exception (eggception?) to every rule, as YouTuber Luna Angel found out one day, completely by chance.

To understand how Luna ended up with a new friend, you first have to know that in Japan, where she lives, people don’t usually refrigerate their raw eggs, as eggs can actually last for about a week out of the refrigerator.

The story goes that Luna bought some eggs at the market, and gave one to her parakeet, Pi-chan.

However, little Pi-chan — being a clever and intelligent little bird, like this brilliant color-coding macaw — quickly sensed something peculiar about this egg…

Luna was amused by Pi-chan’s behavior — but to her shock, Pi-chan’s instincts soon proved to be dead on!

This amazing story is highly unlikely, but it goes to show that nothing is impossible!

(H/T: My Modern Met, The Dodo)

Bird owner and blogger Luna thought it would be fun to give her parakeet, Pi-chan, an ordinary store-bought quail egg.

But Pi-chan must have had some strange birdy intuition, as she promptly sat on the egg, nesting with it as though it were her own!

And Pi-chan was onto something!

Much to Luna’s shock, the quail egg hatched!

Of course, the fact that this happened at all is extremely rare.

Typically, eggs produced for human consumption are unfertilized, and will never hatch.

It seems, though, that one slipped in.

Luna discovered the newly hatched quail when she woke up. She warmed the baby in her hands, and the two became friends.

Luna named her new friend Yuzu, and took videos of Yuzu’s first wobbly steps, first peeps, and first cuddles.

And Yuzu does like to cuddle.

Yuzu has warmed up to its new surroundings, and is doing just fine!

And everyone is happy about that — especially Yuzu!

Check out this cute baby’s videos below, and feel your heart melt.

Still can’t get enough of little Yuzu? Check out another video below!

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