Mom Is Forced To Have C-Section When Newborn’s Head Is Too Large Due To Skull Condition

by Emerald Pellot
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Hanna Bowran-Pavey understood that her daughter’s head was unusually large after a midwife took note of the baby’s skull in an ultrasound.

The midwife assured Hanna that there was nothing to worry about — but she was wrong.

Fifteen hours into labor, the baby’s head became stuck. It turned out that the plates in the baby’s skull had fused together prematurely.

“I had planned to have a normal labor,” Hanna told Caters News. “It was a complete shock when I was told I would need a C-section.”

Baby Lucy came home after a few days in the NICU, but Hanna and her husband could tell something was still wrong.

Their doctors refused to listen.

“We asked several times if there was a problem with her skull, but everyone told us all babies are born with funny-shaped heads,” Hanna said. “But my husband, Tom, insisted that the ridge on her head wasn’t normal.”

At 7 weeks old, Lucy went in for a routine checkup. That’s when she was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. The rare condition can cause brain damage or vision problems if left untreated.

“After her diagnosis, we knew surgery was the only option, but there was the risk that she might not pull through,” Hanna recalled. “It was the longest day of our lives.

“During surgery, the top of her skull was taken off and cut into sections. Some parts were cut off completely, and others were repositioned just like a jigsaw puzzle.”

The surgery was a success, and Lucy is now doing well. Hanna is sharing her story because craniosynostosis is so rare that most doctors may never encounter it, making it difficult to diagnose in the first place.

“Lucy is now doing amazingly well and has been so much happier since the operation,” her mom shares. “She is meeting all her milestones and started walking two weeks ago.”

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