Lucky The Rescue Dog Wins Over The Internet With His Unique Markings

by Angela Andaloro

An adorable Chihuahua mix has captured hearts all around the internet with his one-of-a-kind looks. Lucky the rescue dog is a 2-year-old pooch from Thailand.

He has some really distinctive features — two different-colored eyes and a single marking that resembles an eyebrow. When pictures of the cute dog hit the internet, many people couldn’t believe he was real.

Those features are definitely not the work of Photoshop. Charice Fca Cha spoke to Bored Panda about how she ended up with the unique rescue pup. She learned that Lucky was up for adoption after seeing a post on Facebook. Charice was drawn to him right away and contacted the owner.

She was able to adopt Lucky the rescue dog and bring him into her family.

After bringing him home, Charice shared a photo of Lucky in a dog owners community on Facebook. She couldn’t believe that her post about her new rescue amassed 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares very quickly. Charice was surprised at how many people were intrigued by his look.

Lucky is a one-of-a-kind dog. The 2-year-old Chihuahua mix has a very unique look. He has one blue eye and one brown one. Over his piercing blue eye is a mark that closely resembles an eyebrow.

The pup’s uncommon markings are part of what drew 29-year-old Charice to him. She first saw the dog in a Facebook post. “I saw a post on Facebook that said that Lucky needs to find a new home,” Charice told Bored Panda.

“When I saw his face, I immediately knew I wanted him so I contacted the owner to adopt him,” Charice recalled. “I was surprised by his appearance but I thought he is perfect and very unique.”

Charice brought Lucky home about a month ago. When she got him home, she shared a photo of him to Dogspotting Society, a dog owners Facebook group. She could never have anticipated the response.

The post was surprisingly popular, amassing over 11,000 likes, 600 comments, and nearly 200 shares. People couldn’t believe that the pup was born looking just like that, with some even wondering if it was a case of Photoshop.

“Some people don’t believe this is his real eyebrow, they think I used a permanent pen to draw on his face or Photoshopped him,” Charice acknowledged. “And I understand that it’s hard to believe that dog can have a perfect eyebrow and what’s more, above a blue eye.”

Some people were concerned that Lucky might have a problem with his eyes, which is the case with some dogs with differently colored eyes. Charice says that while he does have heterochromia — the condition of different-colored irises — she confirmed his vision is just fine.

Lucky’s still adjusting to his new home. “He is very mischievous, hyper, nervous, scared of any sounds and people, and a bit aggressive but I know this is because he’s never met other dogs or other people,” Charice explained.

One of the adjustments he’s making is getting used to his fur brother, Harry. “Sometimes he bites Harry, my other dog,” Charice explained, “because Lucky is very possessive of me.”

Lucky will be getting some help to make socializing easier for him. “I’m planning to send him to school to learn how to be sociable. Other than that, he is very snuggly, playful, intelligent and he listens to my orders … sometimes,” she jokes.

Since so many people were interested in Lucky, Charice decided to establish his own social media accounts. He has over 200 likes on Facebook and over 400 followers on Instagram.

Charice hopes that fans will enjoy watching Lucky overcome some of his current issues and start living his best life. He’s got a way to go, but no one’s doubting that the special pup can do it.

Hundreds of internet fans have grown really fond of Lucky in such a short time. One Facebook fan even decided to paint an awesome picture of Lucky and hopes to paint more in the future.

Lucky is enjoying a whole lot of love, both at home and from fans online. Hopefully, he’ll feel all that love and support as he works on himself and settles into his new forever home.