Lucky Pigs Fall Off A Truck And Into A Loving Home

by Jessica Rothhaar
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It was a typical day in North Carolina. Several nameless pigs were loaded onto a truck and sent on their way to a feedlot where they’d be fattened up.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to guess where the pigs would have been taken from there.

Fate, however, had a different destination for these little pigs in mind. Two of them managed to slip out of their holdings and fall right off the back of the truck and onto the road.

Remarkably, the pigs walked away unscathed and were soon rescued by the staff at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge. The pigs’ adventure didn’t quite stop there. The animal refuge wasn’t set up to look after the young pigs.

They needed to find another place for them to stay.

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[H/T: The Dodo]

Denise Bitz, founder and president of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (BWAR), got a call from her friends at Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge.

They were hoping she could take in the two little piglets that had, quite literally, fallen into their care.

Bitz was happy to add the young pigs to her sizable rescue family.

“Brother Wolf started out rescuing orphaned dogs in 2007,” Bitz told the Dodo.

“Over the years, our work has also introduced us to farmed animals like cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys.”

The lucky pigs were given the names Tulip and Daisy, and began to learn what life was like free from cages.

“We have come to see that all these animals are no less sentient than the dogs and cats we share our homes with,” Bitz explained.

Tulip and Daisy aren’t the only two that have experienced the kindness of the staff at BWAR.

6,000 animals of all sorts were saved by the sanctuary in 2015 alone!

Spending their time on the 83-acre sanctuary has allowed Tulip and Daisy to really come out of their shells.

“I live at the Brother Animal Sanctuary and get to interact with the girls daily and spend a lot of time with them,” Bitz said.

“They have very unique personalities.”

Tulip, although the smaller of the two, is the alpha pig in the relationship.

Both love spending their time lounging in mud pits and eating delicious food right out of the hands of their caretakers!

Daisy and Tulip have also started getting curious about other animals living in the sanctuary.

“They are very interested in playing with my dogs,” Bitz said.

Before arriving to the sanctuary, Daisy and Tulip were just another set of pigs on their way to a terrible fate.

Today, they are well loved by the wonderful staff at BWAR.

If you live in the Asheville area of North Carolina, BWAR is always looking for volunteers to help out with their rescues! Email for more details.

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