Teacher Notices Quadruplets Are Always Hungry, Then Realizes Dad Abuses Them

by Emerald Pellot
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This is a story about how sometimes the ones we love the most can fail us and how it’s the people we least expect who lift us up when we fall.

The Lucci quadruplets are only 19 years old, but they’ve endured so much.

Bianca, Madison, Tiffany, and Paris Lucci had a picture-perfect life: a massive home in Beverly Hills, successful parents, and a pool to boot. Behind the glamorous exterior, the family was falling apart. The quadruplets’ father was extremely abusive. He constantly beat and neglected his daughters, even breaking one of their arms.

Perhaps the most disturbing part is that while he would leave his daughters to starve and withhold affection, he would feed and dote on their brothers.

One day, their mother told the girls she was going out to get them presents… she never came back.

When the girls were 11, they were put in foster care. Each time the girls — who were separated — would find a good foster home, their father would sabotage them.

He would tell their foster parents that the girls were horrible and convince the parents to reject them. Yet, the Lucci quads were resilient. In the darkest moments, strangers would extend kindness.

Teachers noticed they went hungry every morning and brought them breakfast. Some foster parents treated them as though they were their own. Staff at the group home mentored them.

Now the quads are sharing their story to show that when their family was nowhere to be found, their community was there to save them. They are grateful to the foster care system because they don’t think they’d be where they are now without it.

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