This Couple Proposed To Each Other At The Same Time And We Need Double The Tissues

by Lindsey Weedston

It has always struck us as rather arbitrary that the job falls upon one person in a relationship to pop the question. Why not both? That’s exactly what happened in the case of one recently betrothed couple whose big moment has gone viral— except their mutual proposals were definitely not planned.

Becky and Jessa were visiting the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium, the site of their first date, when this adorable mishap took place. As a friend took video in the guise of taking their photos, Jessa starts saying something to Becky while holding something behind her back. Becky puts her hands to her face as Jessa gets on one knee to propose, and Becky’s voice goes up two whole octaves, saying, “Oh my god! How did you know?”

“What are you doing?” Jessa says as Becky reaches into her own bag. It’s another ring.

Onlookers are smiling ear-to-ear as the newly engaged couple embrace. “I guess that’s a yes,” says one.

Is this perfect love? We think it is.

In just a couple days, the video posted on Jessa’s Facebook page has been shared over 18,000 times. The YouTube video has been viewed over 212,000 times.

Congrats (and congrats again!) to the happy couple.

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