Sweet Kangaroo Hops Up To Sanctuary Worker, Then Surprises Him With Adorable Hug

by Tasina Berkey
Tasina has worked in radio broadcasting and online blogging. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

Now that is one lovable kangaroo.

Abi the kangaroo is a bit different then most of her peers. For one, Abi is a mush-ball who loves to give hugs.

Abi is currently at the Alice Spring Sanctuary in Australia that focuses on rescuing kangaroos.

While engaging with one of the workers at the sanctuary, Abi made sure to give him all the loving and cuddles that she wanted.

The little girl even wraps her arms around the workers neck to snuggle a bit closer.

The worker seems to be enjoying the love just as much as Abi is. He reciprocated the love, leaving Abi a few kisses on her head during their precious exchange.

Maybe this could be a new thing down at the sanctuary. Kangaroo therapy sounds like something people would be interested in!

Abi looks like the sweetest little thing around. Maybe she can inspire her fellow kangaroo buddies to let the love in. Just go for the hug guys! It may be so much better then you originally expected.

Check out the adorable video below, and witness Abi and the worker having the best snuggle session around.

Have you ever had the pleasure of hugging a kangaroo or any other animal that normally wouldn’t hug? Let us know!

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