Louis Armstrong Performs Classic Hit ‘Hello, Dolly!’ In 1965

by Jess Catcher
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In 1964, the music world revolved around four charming lads from Liverpool, England, known as The Beatles. Before they even made their historic American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in February of that year, they were stirring up a frenzy of teen girls on their side of the pond. By the time they arrived stateside, the quartet quickly nabbed not just the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, but the second and third spot as well! Their mop-topped reign on the radio remained untouched until one song finally knocked them down a peg or two and took claim of the top spot later that year.

Surprisingly, the position wasn’t taken by another “British Invasion” band. Instead, listeners fell in love with Louis Armstrong’s version of the Broadway hit “Hello, Dolly!” from the play of the same name. Armstrong had been around in the jazz scene since the 1920s, but it was this fun tune that would go on to become his signature song. At 64 years old, Armstrong was also named the oldest performer to nab the number 1 slot on the charts. Not too shabby!

He would reprise the tune five years later in a film based on the musical, which would ultimately be his last film appearance, but this performance from 1965 with his gravely vocals and impressive trumpet talents definitely shows old Satchmo at his peak.

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