Model Kept Famous Dad’s Identity A Secret Until Finally Admitting He’s Lou Diamond Phillips

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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You probably haven’t heard of Gracie Phillips, but she’s an up-and-coming model in Los Angeles, represented by Wilhelmina Models.

The 20-year-old has worked as a model for two years now, and she’s already landed campaigns with major cosmetics brands like Too Faced. She also posed in a campaign for South Beach.

As she started building her professional experience, Gracie never talked about her family.

Now, two years after getting her career started, the young model has finally opened up about why: Her dad is famous!

That’s right, Gracie’s dad is the well-known actor, Lou Diamond Phillips. Lou, 56, is most famous for his roles in La BambaStand and DeliverYoung Guns, and Courage Under Fire.

During Lou’s marriage to Kelly Phillips, the couple welcomed twins Grace and Isabella in 1997, and Lili in 1999.

When Gracie decided she wanted to pursue modeling, she knew she wanted to make it on her own. That’s why she kept her dad’s identity a secret!

Photos: Twitter / LouDPhillips; Twitter / GraceeePhillips; Wikimedia / Towpilot

[H/T: Daily Mail]

Gracie Phillips is an incredibly gorgeous 20-year-old model.

She works in Los Angeles and is represented by Wilhelmina Models, one of the most prestigious agencies in the modeling world.

Until mid-February 2018, Gracie never spoke publicly about her family.

And it turns out the reason she didn’t talk about her parents is because her dad is famous actor Lou Diamond Phillips!

Gracie told Daily Mail that the reason she’d never talked about her dad is because she wanted to make it on her own, not by riding his coattails.

In addition, she saw the backlash other models with famous parents received — like Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) and Bella and Gigi Hadid (Yolanda Hadid’s daughters).

She explained, “When I started, I never wanted anyone to say to me, ‘She did this job because of her dad, because of her last name, because of who she is.'”

Gracie wanted to make sure her career was based on her own merits — not on her dad’s name.

Many children of famous parents who try to make it in Hollywood are trashed in the tabloids and online by people claiming they’re only successful because of their parents.

Gracie wanted to make sure she could avoid the negativity by building her career without her dad’s help.

Lou is very proud of all of his daughters (he has four in all — the youngest is Indigo, whom he had with wife, Yvonne Boismier).

He told Daily Mail:

I’m incredibly proud of Grace and the fact that she wanted to earn this. She wanted to make her own way — I was supportive of that from the beginning.

She’s been booking jobs, she’s been receiving praise and getting incredibly good feedback based on her own merit, without getting any qualifications.

It’s not that I don’t want her to say she’s my progeny, but at the same time, there’s no doubt it’s very, very rewarding and I’m very, very pleased that she can take all the credit for this herself, as she should. 

She’s the one who’s built her own boat in this respect.

Gracie’s dream is to become a world-renowned model.

She hopes to one day walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Additionally, she wants to model for brands like Versace and Chanel.

Now that Gracie has established her career, she’s hoping that people will react positively to finding out who her dad is.

She said, “What I hope is going to happen is, obviously, I’d like to say I’ll get some bigger jobs and bigger things will happen.”

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