Small Town Dad Wins Lottery, Uses Millions To Thank Firefighters Who Saved His Father’s Life

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

If you come from a small town, then you know how important resources are, especially emergency services.

Small towns are usually separated from other towns and cities by long distances, and not everything one would need could be available. Some towns even share fire departments, medical services, schools, and hospitals.

But these small-town residents learn how to make due and contribute to making life for others easier in any way they can. Much of this comes in the form of volunteering.

Mark Hill, a resident of a small Missouri town, is especially thankful for the volunteer firefighters who helped save his father’s life on not just one, but two occasions, as reported by Fox2Now.

The importance of a decent and working firehouse was never lost on him.

Many years later, Mark won the lottery. His winnings? Over $200 million — quite the sizable sum! Of course, he and his family did what all lottery winners would most likely do: go on vacations, buy a few cars, renovate their house, and so on.

But Mr. Hill didn’t forget the people in his town. In a secret endeavor, he donated money to help build and all-new firehouse!

You can take a look inside the technologically updated and energy-efficient establishment in the clip.

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