Woman Grieves After Lotto-Winning Boyfriend Is Killed. But 11 Years Later, She Hits The Jackpot

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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In 2006, Antoinette Andrews’ life was turned upside down.

First, Antoinette’s boyfriend Abraham Shakespeare won a $30 million lottery jackpot. Then, Abraham was murdered. His hometown of Lakeland, Florida, and the entire country watched the news in shock as the investigation unfolded.

Most of Abraham’s winnings were lost. Surprisingly, police have never been able to trace down Abraham’s winnings, although they did make an arrest in relation to his tragic murder.

Antoinette and Abraham also had a young son together, who was left without a father. Despite the tragedy, Antoinette has been making things work on her own for 11 years. Plus, she continued to buy lottery tickets every day in the hope of winning big like her late boyfriend.

Miraculously, she did just that, winning $1 million on a scratch-off card.

Although $1 million is only a small fraction of Abraham’s $30 million jackpot, Antoinette could not be more thankful. Her son Raheem, who just graduated from college, said his mom called him screaming and crying when she won. He didn’t believe it until she sent him a photograph of the ticket.

Raheem firmly believes that God blessed them through the winning scratch-off card.

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