Man Wins $400,000 By Playing Lottery Numbers That Came To Him In A Dream

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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So many of us dream of winning the lottery one day — but Victor Amole had a dream that actually helped him do just that!

Victor, who works as a computer programmer and lives in Virginia, according to WTTG, bought four tickets for the Virginia Lottery’s “Cash 5” game. He decided to play the same numbers on all four tickets: 3-10-17-26-32.

According to WTTG, Victor had seen the lottery numbers in a dream. He told the Virginia Lottery, “I’ve never had a dream like that before.” But knew he had to act on it.

So, Victor bought four tickets with the same numbers. Although it was a risky move, it paid off.

Each ticket would be worth $100,000 if it won — and all four did. Victor walked away with $400,000!

Winning a jackpot like that is almost unheard of, so it would be hard to write off Victor’s dream as just a weird coincidence. WTTG reports that Victor plans to invest his winnings, which sounds like a pretty smart idea to me.

Victor’s story definitely makes me want to remember my dreams, and maybe even listen when I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

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Photos: Virginia Lottery; Instagram / _selfmxde88

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