Husband Loses Wedding Ring In River, Then Gets Message From 8-Year-Old On Facebook About It

by Emerald Pellot
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Matt Dooyema lost his wedding ring in a Minnesota river. The husband was glad his wife was understanding, but he never expected to see the wedding band, engraved with his and hers initials, ever again.

“I didn’t think to take my ring off,” Matt said. “As most married people know, it just becomes a part of your body.”

He was tubing on a river with coworkers and kept his ring on, but when a water rush took over, he was dunked and his ring was gone.

“I got dunked and drenched,” he said. “I actually went down the stream and had to catch my tube. I started crying like a baby, I really did. I married my best friend. My wife is my world to me.”

Fortunately, two months later, Matt received a Facebook message from a stranger. It was from Jennifer Ortloff and her 8-year-old son, Matthew. The message said that the little boy had spotted a wedding ring on vacation, and maybe it belonged to Matt.

“I picked it up, and it was a men’s wedding ring,” Matthew Ortloff said.

“He was just determined to try every angle he could to get it back to the owner,” Jennifer Ortloff said.

The couple’s initials were engraved in the ring which allowed them to track them down through the Minnesota Official Marriage System.

“I never in my wildest dreams, or even in my wildest fantasies, ever thought I’d see it again or that anyone would take that time and effort to find it,” Dooyema said. “Matt’s a very special little boy. He’s given me hope for the future of this country. I just hope more kids can be like him,” Matt said.

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