Before Aunt Dies, She Tells Nephew To ‘Check Under The Sewing Machine’

by Emerald Pellot
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Carl Sabatino couldn’t believe what he discovered in his aunt’s sewing machine. While on her deathbed in 2015, she told Carl to look inside the old device.

The nephew went to the sewing machine and looked under it. As soon as he did, a painting he had seen as a kid immediately fell out.

“My brother and I called it the lady with the fuzzy hat,” Carl recalled.

But this was no ordinary painting: it was a rare Picasso! During World War I, Carl’s uncle bought it in London for a mere $30. The name of the piece is “Woman with a Cape.”

Art experts noted that a Picasso that looks similar to this one currently hangs at the Cleveland Museum.

Carl contacted art appraiser Richard Beaulieu to learn more about the image.

“The time period it came out of and all of the paperwork that came with it, the provenance on it, the signature on it, the forensics report — I really am convinced it is the real deal,” Richard said.

The painting is all the more special because it is believed to have Picasso’s actual thumbprint on it. The work of art is valued at $25 million to $35 million.

Not too shabby for something you found in your aunt’s old Singer sewing machine!

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