Sad Homeless Man Ignores Woman Who Tries To Befriend Him But 2 Weeks Later She Comes Back

by Amy Paige
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John Lochlan was a homeless veteran who lost his faith in humanity, and understandably so. He spent his days and nights on the streets of Philadelphia.

Not only was he ignored by society, but he had also been shot and hit by a car, leaving him with severe spinal injuries and infections in his legs that got so bad he couldn’t stand or walk.

Every day was exactly the same. John would wake up in his wheelchair, go to the corner and panhandle.

Then one day, John met a woman named Lolly Galvin, the founder the Dignity Project. Lolly’s organization offers haircuts and supplies to the city’s homeless population.

Lolly noticed John, disheveled and defeated, and asked if he wanted a haircut. He turned her down, as he didn’t want to deal with the interaction.

Two weeks later, John’s hair had grown long and knotted. Lolly came back and asked him a second time if he wanted a haircut. This time, he said yes.

Lolly hoped the free haircut would make John soften to her, but he was still short with her in the coming weeks. He didn’t seem interested in opening his heart to her.

But when Lolly noticed the infection in his legs worsening, she realized that John had all but given up on life. “I have never seen someone on the streets in the condition he was in,” she told FOX.

If someone didn’t help John, she knew he would die. That’s when something incredible happened between the unlikely pair.

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