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Teacher Sees Dog She Found On The News, Then Realizes That She Was Stolen From Her Owner

by Megan Wrappe
Megan is a writer from North Carolina who loves sports, sees way too many Broadway shows, and loves a good adventure! When she's not writing, you can find her curled up in bed with a Jane Austen book.

WWII veteran Roger LeClair had been on his own for awhile before he got his best friend Lola, a teacup chihuahua.

He adopted the teacup chihuahua at just a month old and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Then one day, a woman came to Roger’s house and said she was taking Lola to the vet. But she never came back, and Roger thought he had lost his best friend forever.

He immediately turned to news stations to get the word out about Lola’s kidnapping, hoping that someone had spotted her or knew where she was. And luckily, someone did.

Teacher Cynthia Godfrey had been visiting her son’s old school and found Lola in a nearby dog park.

She took the dog home and took care of her until she saw Lola’s picture on the news.

She tracked down Roger and gave him the call that Lola was safe and sound, and the two planned a meeting to get Lola back home.

Cynthia arrived with Lola in her arms and happily handed over the the little dog to Roger who couldn’t help but shed a few tears after seeing his little girl again.

“For the last week and a half, day and night, I go to bed thinking about her, I wake up a time or two at night thinking about her. I guess you call it grieving,” he said.

But now Roger won’t have to grieve any more, Lola is safe and is his arms again, and she’s not leaving anytime soon.

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