Photographer Claims To Have Caught The Loch Ness Monster On Camera

by Johanna Silver
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For years and years, there has been plenty of speculation on what lives under the waters of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

Folklore and a lot of first-hand accounts claim that there is a “monster” swimming around in there.

The Loch Ness monster allegedly has a long neck and a silverly scaly body, sort of like a dinosaur.

However, much like her mysterious furry counterpart big foot, very little footage has ever been captured that suggests that she undeniably exists.

But several photos have surfaced that may finally give definitive proof.

58-year-old photographer Ian Bremner has offered up a photo that he took, that may have accidentally captured ‘Nessie’ in action. 

Unlike older photos, this shot is surprisingly clear; no strange shadows, no ambiguous blurs, just a very peculiar-looking thing slithering through the water!

Check below to see the new photos of the mysterious sea animal swimming in Loch Ness, it may make you a believer.

[H/T: The Sun]

Folklore of an alleged long-necked monster living in Scottland’s Loch Ness has existed for decades.

‘Loch Ness Monster’ sightings first became popular in 1933, though no definitive evidence was offered.

The monster’s origins traces back all the way back to the seventh century AD, but the monikered “Nessie” didn’t really start gaining popularity until the 20th century.

In the early 1900s a road was built along Loch Ness, giving locals and tourists the chance to spot the monster along the way.

Some became completely convinced that there was a sea serpent somewhere in the loch, though there were no photos to back up the info.

It is also home to plenty of other animals like fish, frogs, and ducks so it is easy to mistake an innocent animal for the mythical monster.

The most prominent photo that was even taken of Nessie was the “Surgeon’s photograph” in 1934, which seems to show a shadow of a big creature with a long neck.

Since then though, there hasn’t been much for monster believers to offer in terms of evidence, save for a few other ambiguous photos and this Google street view photo.



That was, until 58-year-old Ian Bremner’s photo.

The whisky warehouse worker was snapping photos of Loch Ness while driving around the highlands looking for red deer. 

But when he got home and examined the photos, he noticed an eerie creature he’d accidentally caught on film.


The thing has a long silver body that ebbs and flows out of the water as it splashes away.

Could this be the famous Loch Ness monster that everyone has been seeing all these years?

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