Pregnant Wife Gives Birth In Living Room. They Look Between Legs And Gasp At Baby’s Gender

by Amy Paige
Amy is the Director of Trending Content at LittleThings. She loves viral videos, her poodle mix Cali, and doing the robot.

The mom you’re about to meet has had quite the journey through romance and parenthood. Knowing what she’s already gone through at such a young age makes the following video that much more special. Her name is Jess, and she’s acquired a very loyal online fanbase ever since she began posting intimate videos about her life on YouTube.

When Jess was 18 years old, she and her high school sweetheart got pregnant. After Lilia Jean was born, the teenage parents broke up. Jessica reconnected with an old friend from school to whom she eventually got married. Jess got pregnant again in 2013, this time with twin boys.

The twins’ father left Jess when she was 38 weeks pregnant. Determined to forge on, Jess welcomed her third son during a water birth.

Jess soon met her knight in shining armor in Christopher, a doting man with two sons of his own from a previous marriage. Chris proposed to Jess and they were married in 2015. On Easter 2016, they announced in a YouTube video that Jess was expecting her fifth child. Only this time, the baby’s gender would be a complete surprise.

At 5:27 in the morning (Christopher’s birthday is May 27, making it even sweeter), Jess welcomed her fifth baby during her home water birth. Her and Christopher’s reaction to the gender is absolutely priceless.

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