Teen Drops $1,500 A Month To Look Like ‘Living Barbie’ And Buys $4,500 Breasts To ‘Upgrade’ Body

by Jess Butler
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When Gabriela Jirackova was 16, she began taking her everyday look to the next level with hair extensions and bold makeup.

Two years later, the Prague, Czech Republic, teen’s goal is to look just like a “living Barbie doll.”

In the video below, Gabriela shows off her signature blonde locks and traffic-stopping attire. The 18-year-old explains: “I was inspired by real-life Barbies and also my dolls. I always wanted to stand out and this suited me.”

Gabriela loves looking like a Barbie so much, she spends around $1,500 each month to maintain her style. She readily admits that her own upkeep is a lot of work.

“I spend three and a half hours each day just getting ready,” the teen says. “This lifestyle isn’t easy at all.”

Luckily, Gabriela’s mom and dad support her living Barbie doll lifestyle. Although Gabriela’s mom isn’t too keen on plastic surgery, she and her husband helped Gabriela pay for a pair of $4,500 breast implants that made the teen feel sexier and more complete.

In the end, Gabriela is happy with her decision and plans to have more surgical procedures so she can enhance her Barbie doll appearance even further.

What do you think of this teen’s style and desire to look like a doll?

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Photos: Barcroft TV

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