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Adorable Baby Sloth Rescue

A baby sloth is rescued at the last possible second, and a priest shows off his dance moves. Those videos and more on Replay!

Elephant Listens To Beautiful Lullaby

12-year-old ventriloquist stuns the judges with her 4th perfect performance! Plus, a quintuplet baby gender reveal, and a pregnant rescue dog reveals her puppies to the world. Those stories and more on Replay!

Music Monday With BELLSAINT

Singer BELLSAINT performs an orginal song live and discusses her inspirations and the high points of her music career.

Chatting With DJ Xenia Ghali

A rare, white baby giraffe makes his debut, and we're learning how to be a celebrity DJ with Xenia Ghali. Get ready for Replay!

Talking About Food With Anika Rashaun

A surprise twin baby gender reveal has Grandma screaming! Plus, a toddler sees his mom's face for the very 1st time, and we sit down with 'Real World' star Anika Rashaun to discuss her brand-new show 'AskAnika.' Get ready, you're watching Replay!

Get In Shape With Chris Howell

Baby giraffe surprises his entire family! Plus, a dog is rescued at the last possible second, and Chris Howell, CEO of 5AM Training, shows us how to get into shape! Get ready for Workout Wednesday, because it's time for Replay!

The Right Way To Blow Out Candles

A dad demonstrates the proper way to blow out birthday candles. A young boy has an emotional reaction after learning he's going to be a big brother.

Giant Crocodile Crossing The Road

A 13-year-old stuns Simon Cowell with her emotional performance! Plus, a dog and a cheetah have an unbreakable bond, and a giant crocodile picks a fight with a tiny car. Those videos and more on Replay!

Chatting With Ariane Andrew

5-minute-old newborn won't let go of Mom's face! Then, Simon Cowell falls in love with a puppy, and WWE star Ariane Andrew teaches us how to get in shape! You're watching Replay!

Dolphins Dance To Violin Music

Dolphins perform a synchronized dance to violin music in front of a captivated audience. A group of adorable puppies goes swimming for the first time.

The Perfect Bedside Proposal

This 1st wedding dance has the entire family dancing! Plus, Grandma can't believe her daughter had surprise twins, and a rescue dog on death row is given a 2nd chance at life. Those stories and more on Replay!

Baby Elephant Rescue

Groomsmen stun the bride with their perfect dance moves! Plus, a baby elephant is rescued at the very last second, and a soldier gets the "welcome home" of a lifetime. Those videos and more on Replay!

Twin Toddlers Find Out Who's The Oldest

Sisters chop off 28 inches of their own perfect hair! Plus, twin toddlers find out who's the oldest, and a surprise giraffe suddenly appears when Mom takes a selfie. Those videos and more on Replay!

Stunning Whale Spotting

A surprise baby gender reveal doesn't go how Dad planned! Then, a Marine shows up at his brother's wedding, and an "old" singer proves exactly why you should never give up on your dreams. Those videos and more on Replay!

Shoe-Tying Hack

A smart little boy comes up with a clever way to tie shoelaces. A family shows how they transformed a school bus into their home.