LittleThings Joins RockYou Media

by Maia McCann
Maia is the Editor-in-Chief & EVP of Programming of LittleThings. In her free time, she brings her pug to Bloomingdale's and eats froyo.

Dear Friends,

I’m going to cut right to the chase: LittleThings is back!

In the days following LittleThings’ closure, we were inundated with messages of support and love from our faithful readers and fans of Refresh.

(Hi, Sugar Cubes!) I can’t tell you how much these words meant to all of us. LittleThings was so much more than a job to my team—it was a purpose. When that purpose was abruptly ripped out from under us we were left reeling. Your messages were like much-needed buoys to cling to as we drifted off to sea. I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t met most of you IRL, but your unwavering support has made you all feel like family. I’ve gathered just a few messages below that demonstrate the kindness that flooded our inboxes in those tough first few days. 

About one week after the LittleThings staff said our tearful goodbyes, while sifting through kind messages in my inboxes, I opened a note from a woman named Emily from RockYou Media. She told me about her company’s mission to create a network of powerful publishers who speak directly to women of all shapes, sizes and credos. RockYou Media was interested in acquiring LittleThings and empowering us to create again. I didn’t believe it at first. I think the first stage of receiving any kind of gift from the universe, at least for me, is to completely deny that it’s happening.

“This is too good to be true,” I confided in my pug Smokey, who remained baffled but delighted by the fact that I hadn’t abandoned him to go to work in over a week. “Don’t get your hopes up.” (Spoiler: His hopes were not up. He wanted me to continue to stay home.)

As it turns out, Smokey was about to be disappointed. RockYou Media swooped in and brought LittleThings into their growing portfolio of media brands, and now we’re back with an even bigger and better mission—but the commitment to making the world a happier place that is at the core of our identity remains fully intact.

LittleThings was always able to speak to a diverse range of women. The people who read and loved our stories were as different as can be. A student moving into her very first apartment, a 25-year-old pregnant with her first child, and a thirty-something mom of three might all read and relate to the same story in their own ways.  With RockYou Media as our ally, we will strive to ensure our stories continue to speak to women of all backgrounds.

A wise woman named Oprah once said, “If you are still breathing, you have a second chance.” I love these words. We’re so grateful for this opportunity to continue to touch your hearts.

Thank you being here for this,


(@maiastarz on Instagram)