Dad Teaches 2-Year-Old How To Do Magic Tricks

by Caitlin E. Harrington
Caitlin is an Arizona native currently residing in Phoenix. Pilates, cycling, cooking and watching YouTube beauty videos fill up her free time. Cute dogs are her weakness.

Finding new and fun ways to keep your little ones entertained can be a daunting task after a while, especially during the hot summer months, when spending time indoors and out of the sweltering heat is a must.

After you have watched the same few movies over and over, and played with the same toys until they’re worn and broken, you have to start thinking a little more creatively to keep your child (and you!) from being totally bored.

You can come up with art projects, or incentives for helping you clean, or you can teach them a new hobby like 2-year-old Parker’s dad decides to do. But, if you don’t think of something good, you may find your tots getting themselves into trouble as they look for more exciting ways to spend their days, like rummaging through your makeup like one bored little girl did.

If you recognize this cutie, Parker, it may be because you saw him with his siblings in a video they made for mom on Mother’s Day a while back. But the new hobby Parker’s dad has taught him is less about making videos, and more about making magic happen.

I really have no idea how they are able to make this magic trick happen, but it is one the cutest magic tricks I’ve ever seen!

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