Tiny Girl Stops In Her Tracks When She Spots Beautiful ‘Princess’ In Long Wedding Gown

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Many little girls dream of being princesses — they’re inundated with imagery of princesses from movies, television shows, and more.

Being a princess seems like the ultimate goal when you’re a little girl; you get to wear pretty dresses, have perfect skin, perfect hair, and perfect makeup, and you get to wear a tiara!

When you’re very young, you don’t understand that being a princess is actually a pretty complicated proposition, but that’s why seeing a real-life “princess” is all the more incredible.

One little girl, obsessed with the “princess” on the front cover of one of her mom’s books, was blown away when she saw someone who looked just like her.

The book, “The Woman In White” by Wilkie Collins, is a Victorian detective novel and well above this toddler’s reading level, but the lady on the cover makes it her favorite book.

One day, she went for a walk with her mom (and the book), and she saw her very own woman in white.

book cover princess

The groom posted a series of photos of the magical moment on Imgur, a photo sharing site, and people loved it.

He titled the set of photos, “little girl thought my wife was the princess from her favorite book.”

princess wedding

He then explained:

My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by.

The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding).

The book in question is Wilkie Collins’ Victorian mystery novel The Woman In White.

Some editions of the book feature James Whistler’s famous portrait of a young lady in a long white gown.

While neither the book nor the portrait feature a princess, the itty-bitty heroine of our story saw something different!

bride flower

The little one looks pretty starstruck when she sees her favorite princess brought to life.

“My wife gave her a flower from her bouquet,” explains the husband who posted the pictures.

The look on her mom’s face says it all — she knows how excited her daughter will be about this flower!

book flower

Just look how happy she is! She can’t help but grin after the “princess” from her book gave her a flower.

And she seems totally in awe of the bride.

bride princess

This is definitely a moment neither of them will forget. For the little girl, it’s the day she saw her favorite book-cover princess in real life.

And for the bride, it’s the day she was mistaken for a real-life princess.

princess toddler

This bride and this sweet little girl clearly have a bond — and they were complete strangers!

Everyone who saw the story on Imgur absolutely loved it. One person wrote, “The world needs more stories like this. Thanks for sharing. Every person in these photos is just adorable.”

Another person shared her own story, writing, “My 2-year-old cousin thought I was a Disney princess at my wedding. She kept insisting that she dance with me. It was adorable.”

wedding bouquet

“You have made the world a better place,” someone else wrote. “I hope you have as much joy in the rest of your lives as that little girl got in this moment.”

Best of all, the photo series’ skyrocketing fame brought them to the attention of the little girl’s mom, who will be receiving copies of the images.

She writes online, “Hello! That is me and my daughter! We still talk about the beautiful princess we saw.”

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