Little Girl Falls In Love With Her Uncle’s Horses And Shows Mom Their Adorable Morning Routine

by Amy Paige
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You’re about to meet a sweet baby girl who has already formed a remarkable connection with the animals in her life.

This little girl’s uncle lives on a farm in Victoria, Australia, which happens to be the absolute perfect setting for their family gatherings during the holiday season.

While staying at his farm with the rest of her family, the curious and sensitive toddler developed a very special morning routine. Every day without fail, she woke up and ran toward the stable to greet the horses. One by one, these gorgeous animals popped their heads out of their stalls, eagerly awaiting their pats and kisses.

It is just so evident they cannot resist the friendly morning greeting given by this precocious little angel.

One day, the little lady’s mom decided to film the adorable tradition and we’re so glad she did. The horses are so gentle and loving toward her… you can tell they’re just as excited to see her as she is to see them. What could be purer than this genuine interaction?

“The nobility of horses in unison with the wholesome, spontaneous innocence of one child,” one Facebook commenter writes. “Beautiful to see.”

Another commenter says it best: “If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what could.”

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