Little Girl Spreads Love At The Grocery Store By Hugging And Waving To Strangers

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Little girls and older folk make a better pair for friendship than you might think. I mean, little girls being cute and silly with anyone is a great pair, but I think older people are more open and excited about toddlers being their young and excited selves.

They know how much you should appreciate and value that time in a kid’s life because they’ve been through it all already… And probably miss it, too.

Even when those two little kids reenacted their grandparents, it was funny — so seeing the vast difference in ages interact is always adorable. It’s a reminder of the beautiful circle of life! Whether their interactions make you smile, or make you cry (like the one with the 2-day-old and her great grandma did), you can never deny that it reminds you of the simple things that should make us happy!

The little girl you’re about to see on this video recorded by her mother is a beautiful representation of love! She was walking around the grocery store with her mother when she decided to start brightening people’s days so very simply.

I personally dread going grocery shopping, but if this little girl was walking around my local grocery store, I think I would go a bit more often.

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