This 11-Year-Old Girl Fell 30 Feet From A Tree. Sounds Scary, But She Saw THIS Person…

by Cassandra Lewis
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For thousands of years, humans have struggled with the question, “Is there life after death?”

According to recent survey, 55% of people absolutely believe there is an afterlife, 37% are unsure, and 8% do not believe.

Most days, I fall under that middle category — but lately, as more and more miraculous stories cross my path, I feel compelled to question my stance…

Annabel Beam was just 11 years old when her life was forever changed. One second she was playing with her sisters, and the next she was sitting in the lap of someone very special.

Her miraculous story, recounted below, is one you certainly don’t hear every day… By the end of her interview, I was covered in chills.

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Annabel Beam, now 14 years old, is no stranger to struggle. At age 5, little Annabel was diagnosed with two incurable digestive disorders.

annabel beam heaven afterlife jesus falls 30 feet

These digestive disorders — life-threatening and incredibly painful — required many hospital visits and medications throughout her young life. The pain was so bad, Annabel one day turned to her mom and said, "Mommy, I want to go to heaven and live with Jesus."

annabel beam heaven afterlife jesus falls 30 feet

Soon after, Annabel's sad wish was nearly granted. While climbing a large cottonwood tree, Annabel was sent plummeting 30 feet, headfirst, when a branch suddenly gave way. She was rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

annabel beam heaven afterlife jesus falls 30 feet

But when doctors examined her, they realized Annabel hadn't suffered a single injury. What's more, it seemed her excruciating digestive disorders had somehow disappeared. That was when Annabel revealed something shocking...

annabel beam heaven afterlife jesus falls 30 feet

During her fall, the 11-year-old girl said she went to heaven. There, she saw the golden gates, her grandma Mimi, and one very special figure: Jesus. According to Annabel, she sat upon His lap and asked to stay — but she was told her work on Earth was not done. He sent her back, telling her that when she was rescued, her pain would be gone.

annabel beam heaven afterlife jesus falls 30 feet

Now Annabel's miraculous story is sweeping the globe. While some are moved by her vision, others are more skeptical. But that doesn't faze the brave little girl: "You don’t have to believe my story is real. I believe it’s real," said Annabel. "If you don’t, oh well. You’re missing out…"

annabel beam heaven afterlife jesus falls 30 feet

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