Little Boy Approaches Strangers At Music Festival, Then Throws His Arms Around Each Of Them

by Olivia Jakiel
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Picture this: You’re sitting on a blanket, enjoying the lovely fall weather while listening to live music, hanging out with friends and family, when all of a sudden, you feel little hands grab your shoulders.

If it were still Halloween, you might think it was the start of a horror movie. However, festival-goers were in for a very sweet surprise when this scenario played out in front of them — except those tiny little hands belonged to a sweet toddler who just wanted to spread some love around.

In a video making the rounds on Twitter, a little boy can be seen walking up to strangers and giving out goodbye hugs to strangers all around him after his parents told him they were leaving and to say “bye-bye.” Seriously, this kid is like the Oprah of hugs: Everyone gets a hug!

The little boy’s name is Jude Sasfy, son of parents Nick and Stephanie, the Twitter user who posted the video said. The video surfaced on the social media platform a few days ago, and has since garnered almost 177,000 retweets, almost 400,000 likes, and 6.1 million views at the time of this publication.

We can all learn something from little Jude, especially in these trying and divided times we are living in. Love conquers all, and sometimes, you just need a tiny set of hands and arms to remind you.

Check out the sweet video below.

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