PSA Shows What Living With Autism Is Really Like Through The Eyes Of A Young Boy

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

When parents are told that their child is developing a little differently than other kids their age, it can be difficult to process.

Over time, they learn to adjust their perspective in order to give their youngster the best life possible despite the initial setback. Autism and its spectrum might make their behavior a bit more unpredictable, but no less deserving of unconditional love and understanding.

Of course, the diagnosis doesn’t mean those with the disorder aren’t capable of accomplishing incredible things. Unfortunately, those outside of the family can remain completely unaware of what’s really going on when they see the kiddo acting up in public.

Glares, stares, and judging faces from strangers only make a tough situation situation that much worse. Others who are more sympathetic can mean the world to the families dealing with the difficulties that often arise, but sadly those kind individuals can seem few and far between.

This PSA hopes to help shed light on the reality of living with the complicated mindset those on the spectrum battle every day. Looking through the eyes of a young boy, you see how heightened every sense feels despite the ordinary surroundings of an average mall. Sights and sounds that others can easily ignore are amplified to overwhelming volumes, causing an understandably extreme reaction.

But to those around him, he just looks like a kid throwing a tantrum for no reason. It’s heartbreaking to know how frustrating the condition can be, but we all have the power to respond with kindness rather than hate.

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