Little Boy Sees Entire Kindergarten Class Show Up At Courthouse To Witness His Adoption

by Amy Paige
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Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton wanted to grow their family, so they decided to start by fostering a child.

However, none of their potential fosters seemed to work out beyond those first initial phone calls.

Then the couple from East Grand Rapids, Michigan, heard about a little boy, Michael Clark Jr., who was in desperate need of a foster home. They acted immediately and brought Michael into their home during his time of crisis.

The connection was instant.

Not only was Michael finally getting the care and support he needed at home, but his kindergarten class also became a place of stability and warmth.

His teachers and fellow classmates at Wealthy Elementary have helped Michael thrive both academically and emotionally.

After a year of fostering, Andrea and Dave were ready to officially adopt Michael and become his forever parents.

Michael’s beloved teacher, Mrs. McKee, had an idea. She asked him if he would like for his kindergarten class to attend his adoption hearing on the Kent County court’s annual Adoption Day — a day where 37 foster children would be adopted by their respective new families.

In the clip below, see the tear-jerking result of Mrs. McKee’s simple yet powerful question.

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