After Spending 12 Years Locked In A Cage, Puppy Mill Dog Finally Experiences Freedom

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

For almost 12 years, Little Belle lived in a cage at a puppy mill in Portugal. She was finally saved by Bianca Associado, an animal rescue organization.

When rescuers found the poor dog, it was very sick. The pup had glaucoma in its left eye, ingrown nails and no muscles, so the dog could barely walk. The dog was frightened of people — and even the smallest movements and sounds scared Little Belle.

The dog received care and treatment and is now living a happy life in her new forever home in the Netherlands. Thanks to her favorite human, Irene, Little Belle is getting unconditional love and enjoying the little pleasures in life.

“She was adopted in early 2011 and had a lot of challenges on her path. Her video shows how strong and resilient she is and how she loves and embraces life!” the video’s YouTube caption reads.

On Little Belle’s official Facebook page, the pup’s bio reads: “So, from being very sick and feeling a lot of fear, I grew and grew and enjoyed life more and more. I love my family and all the adventures with them, especially in the summer, I love the sun!”

Watch Little Belle’s journey in the video below.

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