Woman Sees Ruthless Cyberbully Impersonating Her Online So She Tracks Her Down For Revenge

by Jess Butler
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When Lisa-Michelle Kucharz started receiving vulgar messages and finding fake profiles of herself, she was deeply confused.

She didn’t know who was behind it or why someone was going out to his or her way and using four dozen online accounts just to bring her down.

In the video below, posted on November 9, 2017, Lisa-Michelle explains, “She not only published my address, but she told people to go there. She said I was a prostitute.”

The obscenities were followed by more threats, phone calls to Lisa-Michelle’s employer and herself, and physical stalking. Lisa-Michelle went to the police, but there wasn’t much they could do after they tracked the cyberbully down to an area outside of Nassau County, New York.

So, she took matters into her own hands and sought revenge. She was going to stop the cyberbully from terrorizing her any further.

She paired up with a cyber investigator who found out that the woman behind this vicious online attack was named Dion Tyson — and she just happened to be in a relationship with a man that Lisa-Michelle had briefly dated in the past. Her motive was very clear.

In the end, Dion was sentenced to six months in jail. She also received a two-year ban from the internet due to her actions. In fact, this may be one of the first jail sentences given for an online attack.

Luckily, Lisa-Michelle won’t have to worry about her cyberbully any more. She can return to her peaceful life.

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