Lions And Friendly Dog Share An Adorably Close Relationship

by Paul Morris
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For anyone who thinks that dogs and cats are like water and oil, you just might want to watch this quick, but adorable video which proves that friendship knows no species!

This cute little dog seems perfectly comfortable sleeping right next to her two close friends. While that usually wouldn’t seem very strange, it gets a bit intense when you realize that her two close friends are actually huge lions!

YouTube user akshatvishal filmed this incredible video at the Tala Manzi game reserve in South Africa, which keeps these beautiful animals away from poachers.

As they’re raised to adulthood, they’re kept in smaller groups until they’re big enough and strong enough to be free to roam the larger lands of the whole reserve. Until then, they’re taken care of in the smaller “baby” section to ensure their overall safety.

The adorable dog in this amazing video has actually been close to these lions since they were all babies. When she was a puppy they were two tiny and defenseless little cubs. And while the lions have certainly outgrown their dog sister, the love is and always will be there.

These huge animals have instincts that allow them to chase down a large gazelle, but when it comes to their canine friend? They will always love her as another sister! Do you think this dog thinks she’s a lion, or do the lions think they’re dogs?

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