A Rescued Lion, Tiger, And Bear Have Been Inseparable For 15 Years

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Fifteen years ago, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary rescued three wild cubs: a baby Bengal tiger, a baby African lion, and a baby black bear.

Confined in the horrid depths of a basement in Atlanta, these three cubs had sustained terrible injuries, and were severely malnourished when found.

Fortunately, the wildlife sanctuary nursed them back to health — and since then, the three of them have never been separated again.

It’s wonderfully curious to see how these three wild animals interact day in and day out. Out in the wild, they would most likely never have gotten along, let alone crossed each other’s paths.

But here in the sanctuary, they have learned to live harmoniously and provide each other with much comfort and affection over the years.

Let’s give a shout out to all the animal sanctuaries out there — and to all volunteers who help keep rescued animals warm and safe!

Scroll on to read the heartwarming story of these three brothers, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[H/T: The Dodo]

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

Fifteen years ago, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA, rescued three cubs: Leo, an African lion, Baloo, an American black bear, and Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger.

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

All three cubs were found during a drug raid on a home in Atlanta, where they were reportedly all held captive, confined in small crates in the basement.

Each cub was less than a year old, and were severely malnourished.

Baloo the bear was badly infected by parasites, and Leo (shown here) had a terribly infected wound on his nose.

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

Soon after being rescued, all three were kept under close watch and given medical treatment.

Baloo was sent into surgery, and, according to the sanctuary, that was the only time the three of them had ever been separated for a long period of time.

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

Noah’s Ark made the decision to keep all three cubs in the sanctuary, because their injuries were far too debilitating for them to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

And, in order to never separate them again, the staff at the sanctuary placed all three in the same living quarters.

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

“All three are still equally affectionate with one another,” sanctuary curator Allison Hedgecoth told The Dodo.

“Shere Khan [the tiger] has always been mischievous, and even though he is getting older, this hasn’t changed him one bit.”

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

Frequently, animals in the wild are known for not getting along well.

Out there in the wild, life can be harsh and ruthless. But perhaps through their shared ordeal, these three animals have learned to love one another.

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

Today, they still eat, sleep, and play together, like they have done since they were infants.

But most importantly, they know to give comfort to each other, said Hedgecoth.

Lion, tiger, and bear friends from wildlife sanctuary

After 15 years, the three brothers are entering their “golden years” — and will be able to live out their years of retirement in happiness and peace at the sanctuary.

At Noah’s Ark, they will be able to enjoy all the freedom, space, and friendship they’ve dreamed of.

The sanctuary is always looking for active volunteers, and is happy to receive donations. Click here to see how you can help!

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